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Quick Update ...
"I just downloaded XCode. Working on some programs."
-- Brian

If you are looking for the "classic HTML" RPG it is Here


From Today's Daily Show:
TDS mentions Miss Universe, Miss Teen USA, and Miss USA are all African-Americans.

"Yeah, she told me she was Miss USA! I was like ... Hmmm ... WOW That's Cool! ...
Then she said she was actually Miss Physics USA ... and ..."

From The Simpsons (eons ago):
Episode sees the future where a "street performer" Bart helps POTUS Lisa.

At the end telling all about the future:
Bart: "I've got my own band and a moped."
Lisa:"What about me?"
Bart:"Nyeh, some government job."
An Illegal Clip

Politics / Policy:

What would YOU give:
Remember. I'm a nerdy guy. $5000 at 5% a year gives $250 a year or $20 a month. If you were to give away "stuff" to many people with the spending cap of $20, what would you give? I posed this to my family. My mom went immediately to food. I asked what kind. She said bread I guess. Later in the discussion after quite a bit of thinking ... vegetable seeds. YEAH! I KNOW! They are pretty much free and Walmart has a 100 count of 4" pots for 15 bucks!

Still looking for other ideas.

Yes, I'm buying a car soon:

"Less old" at $16,000 or used car for $8000?
I need a work car. My logic: new car must last twice as long to justify twice the price.

Things I've Been Told:

a list of random trivia ...

Also, anything in this list may be false.

  • Entire complex functions are bounded.
  • The tombs of Anastasia and some royals were exhumed and their DNA did not match.
  • Student debt sucks.
  • The Big Bang Theory ended this past Thursday.
  • USA K-12 teacher salaries have not increased much in the last 25 years.
  • (more later ...)